Wednesday, July 28, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

This was enough to make me "go all Kate Gosselin" on my kids last week...
I found this ABC (already been chewed- for those of you who forgot 8th grade lingo)
gum on my stairway railing... yuck!

When I was pregnant with Zoe for some reason, I could not chew gum. Too much saliva, too many hormones, whatever, it just plain made me sick. So I quit. I did not chew gum until Tanner was born and I started Weight Watchers. I saw on "The Biggest Loser" that chewing gum can help you maintain your weight because it satisfies that urge to chew something. That urge usually leads me to pretzels or some other carb-laden snack. So now I chew gum again. I kind of don't like it because people look gross doing it. All that chomping and smacking and not eating, it's kind of weird isn't it? I chew the various sugar free kinds that are minty and strong, that really makes me not want to eat when I chew it! Funny thing, when I was first chewing gum again, Parker cried when he saw me blowing a bubble because it scared him to death.

OK, I got side-tracked. Since I never chewed gum, my kids hadn't either. Well, Halloween came around last year and that Hubba Bubba was in their loot and after one piece, they were hooked. We don't have gum for them very often. They know "the rules" which basically means you put it in the trash when you are done and you throw the wrappers away, not tossing them on the carpet for the imaginary maid to pick up. From the photo, you can tell, they broke one of the rules by putting the gum on the stairway railing.

I was pretty mad. Hence, me going "all Kate Gosselin" on them. (You remember when she still had her real hair and sweat pants and she called Aunt Jody and reamed her out because Aunt Jody had given the kids gum and it was everywhere and now Kate was going to have to clean it out.... blah blah, you get the picture.)** So I threw out all the kid gum immediately. Don't mess with me when I am mad people! And I hid my gum. Yes, I hid it. Can you believe what a mean mommy I am? Seriously, they don't like my minty gum so strong it can wake me up on the way to spinning class, they only like the huge pink sugary kind they shouldn't be chewing anyway. My kids have forgiven me for my Kate-tyraid but they are still looking for their gum stash. Shh, don't tell them the truth.

**Just for the record, I am not a Kate-hater. In fact, I think she is pretty amazing, grumpy and kind of snarly, but amazing none the less. I mean, the woman gave birth to six babies at once. She cared for those babies (I know neurotically and with help) but she raised them with huge cameras and microphones in her face. Lots of people in her house producing the show and she still managed to feed them, clothe them, write some books and take them all on some fun adventures. I know if I had six babies and two preschoolers at home, I'd be a bit grumpy and snippy too, regardless of how much help I had. By golly, she's the mom, the CEO of that crew and it would be very frustrating to take care of that many individuals all the time. I do hate it that her and Jon got divorced, that makes me sad. I am jealous she got to dance on "Dancing With the Stars" and she does seem a little diva-ish lately but I seriously think she is like most of us moms, trying to do the best for her kids, and boy does she have a lot of them. I just referred to me going all "Kate" because that gum episode could be any of us, all of us are stressed and stretched to the limit at any given time, and it really sticks in my mind (no pun intended) as a true mommy moment.

Sorry for the whole getting off topic thing... moral of this story, chewing gum helps me maintain my weight loss. ;)


Kerri said...

Maybe I need to start chewing gum in the afternoons when I get the munchies!
BTW, I live about 20 minutes from Kate and have been to her house. But don't get the wrong idea...she doesn't know I was there looking at her house from the street! :)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

You crack me up!
I am cracy for the ice breakers in the little cubes. You are so right- chewing and smacking... for no reason. Kind of silly/gross isn't it!
Thank you for your comment on my blog! I really am a retro kinda gal!
Have a pretty day!