Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm a blog stalker

I know you are too, a stalker that is. Don't you just have that one blog that you read each day or each post and say, "man, do I wish that was me?" I have one and she is a local Cincinnati girl, I keep thinking I might see her, except she is younger than me and doing the whole executive thing, not the mommy at the park thing, so I probably will never see her in person. (There are other blogs I love too, hers is just the one that is most like I want to be but know I never will be.)

It is What I Wore Today, her name is Kasmira. (Is that such a cool name or what!?)

I love how she blogs about what she wears every day. Way back, before marriage and kids, I thought of myself as somewhat stylish. I bought new clothes regularly at cool stores like Express and the Limited, I wore accessories, I even had lots of heels that I wore. Whodathunkit? Now, well, I try but seriously, I wear jeans almost every day. I am not complaining, at all, just sayin'.

Kasmira puts together some crazy combos that somehow work. She crafts, thrifts and alters things to fit her and she looks great all the time. I am trying to incorporate some of her practices into my mommy-wardrobe, like wearing jewelry. I don't have near the pretty, wild things she does, but in my own way, I try to channel her inner style when I am getting dressed. Sometimes a cute necklace makes even boring jeans and a t-shirt cute, I must admit.

I also admire her photographs. How in the heck does she get such good shots (I know her boyfriend does some of them.)? In honor of my blog-stalker-ee I took pics of me in a kind of dressed up way. (I was wearing a blazer from Goodwill- Kasmira would be so proud of me! Jeans from Goodwill- double Kasmira points! And a really old scarf from my collection that was not really right for fall, but I wore it anyway.)

Here I am so sassy!
Fuzzy, out of focus, would not do for a fashion blog.
Looking like a conehead.
Smirking, my grandma would tell me my face is going to freeze like that!
So I didn't get a full body shot, I tried, couldn't do it. I let Parker take a picture, bad idea, nostril shots and more coneheadishness. So I'll probably never be a fashion blogger, wouldn't it be fun though? I will however continue to be a blog stalker.


Jill said...

Cute post! I'll have to check out her blog :-) What kind of camera do you have there? ;-) Have a great night!

Kristin said...

don't sell yourself short, you are quite stylish.

Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

you look great!

Kerri said...

I think you are way stylish!
I will have to check out that website!

Sarah said...

Love your hair! Just tooo cute girl :) Her blog is adorable, her colorful style would be inspiring for sure. I would just be happy being able to pull off those boots-they just wouldn't look the same cruising Kroger :)

Love your blog!!