Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween recap

I am showing this so my friend, Kristin, can see that the chalkboard paint worked! Wee! I am still hoping to find a bigger frame so I can have a truly big chalkboard in the kitchen... someday.
Carving pumpkins supervised by big tall hubby/daddy.This year my roasted pumpkin seeds were outstanding, if I do say so myself! It was the sea salt that did it. Tanner and I were fighting for them. Yummo.
He loves pumpkins. Goes crazy every time he sees one, which is all the time right now!
Costume time.
A witch. She loved her pink hair. I remember once I wanted to be a punk rocker (I am aging myself) and my mom would not let me get the colored hair spray. I swore that day that if my kids ever wanted colored hair spray for Halloween, they would get it. So there. She really did love it.
A zombie. He has wanted to be a zombie since May I think. He thought his costume was the best. So creepy. I did not like it, I wanted him to be a cool police man or even a vampire, I lost.
A tiger. This guy was tough. I saw a zoo keeper costume way early in October and then I couldn't find it when it came time to buy one. I like the tiger but he would have been such a cute zoo keeper.
Posing outside, the mad dash before we have to pound the pavement.
All of us being crazy. I have cat ears my hubby was like a ghoul guy. The kids were so glad we "dressed up." Just a warning, I will probably be a cat every year for the rest of my life, so sorry if it is annoying. I wanted to be Snooki, but I knew I would freeze to death in a short skirt and the wig was too expensive. My hubby wanted to be The Situation, wouldn't we have been so cute?!
I am adding this one just so you can see he really is a big tall hubby. When we were dating, I wore heals all the time. Now, not so much.
Cheese! (make up wearing off already)
We didn't get to decorate our wagon this year. I was kind of bummed, we always do. Where did the time go?
Even Max dressed up. I usually torture him in full costume but I thought a t-shirt and collar would work this year since we were navigating a toddler. Max was spazzing out and would not sit still for a picture, he was very excited to be walking with all of us.
The aftermath.
Candy everywhere. Stuff everywhere. Ugh!
Costumes discarded, strewn everywhere.
Kids high on sugar. Yikes. Who decided that trick or treat should be on a Sunday?! I am going to find that person and force them to deal with over sugared and tired kids... he will see that non-school nights are the only acceptable trick or treat nights.
And can I just say that I think Halloween has gotten way too expensive?! I spent $75 at the Halloween store and that did not include candy to give away! I probably got $25 worth of candy to give out. Holy cow. I told the kids that next year we are getting really creative and making our own costumes. I am not spending that kind of money ever again.

Aside from the cold and the expensive costumes, we had fun. The kids loved it. We all ate way too much candy and now I have to recover and help the kids do the same.

My Monday stuff:

things to do this week:
put away Halloween stuff
eat lots of candy (just kidding!)
clean/sort winter hats and gloves- take stock, what do we need?
find a transitional coat for Zoe (fleece? or something)
buy a baby gift and mail to my friend who just had a baby (love baby stuff!)

my menus for this week:
tortellini with prosciutto (mini pizzas for the kids)
chicken stuffed with feta and pine nuts
grilled veggie pitas
BBQ pork and cole slaw
stuffed cabbage (maybe, this one takes a while, so I have to see how much energy I have)
spaghetti ! (he he, are you sick of this one yet?)


Jill said...

Love their costumes!! My goodness your husband IS tall! How tall is he? Did he ever play basketball? LOL I bet he gets asked that all the time! LOL You're to do list for today was similar to mine! I've been saying i had to clean my coat closet out for weeks to take inventory of hats' gloves etc. Yup, hasn't happened yet, we're too busy having fun!!! Have a great day!

Kerri said...

Okay, the picture in front of the house with the kids around the pumpkins is the cutest one I've seen out in blog land...YOU win! Your daughter is such a cute witch!
I'm embarrassed to post my son's picture...he was a ghost...but looked more like a kkk guy :(
Your menu looks yummy. I started counted points today...I haven't done this for a couple of years but (no meetings) but I want to be a skinny minny like you!

Kristin said...

I'm glad the chalkboard paint worked, Yay! I have some toddler size mittens for you or rather Tanner....and some other goodies for Zoe that I found while cleaning up the basement.