Friday, October 29, 2010

our niche

When we built this house I was so excited to have this little niche (a cutout in the drywall) to decorate. I had visions of each season changing it out with something so cute. My big tall hubby said we should just get a big oriental vase (say "vaaz" like he did!) and forget it. Well fast forward 6 years and you will find I do change the decor every so often but it is too shallow for a really nice vase so I use a blue one intended for umbrellas most of the time with this metal grate thingy. I also painted it a brown inside the niche so it would stand out from the boring builder beige.

Well, I was scouring all my blog ladies' blogs last week when I was supposed to be doing something else I am sure, and I found this gal who made a cute fall picture using scrapbooking supplies and a frame she bought at a thrift store. Well boy, do I have those! Yeehaw, I got busy.

I wish I could remember her blog/original post. I'd love to share her work, waaaaay better than mine. (I found her through mad mouse clicking all over the place, sorry I don't have a credit for you.)

I thought mine was a teeny bit dorky when I was done. Her's was way country-er and cuter and rustic-er. I was like, hmm, should I just trash it? I didn't buy anything new so it wouldn't be a total loss...

But then, I decided to use some of my extra fall decorations that I didn't put anywhere else to go use...

Ta Da!

I think as a whole, all together, it looks less dorky. Maybe? Oh well, it looks seasonal and festive so I guess I'll keep it. Red and green stuff will be replacing it soon enough!


Kerri said...

It looks great Jenny! I wish I had a niche! Although...with that comes lots of pressure to decorate it! :)

Too funny you said the ding dong sent in oreos!! My lady did the ready make and bake sugar cookies! The kids could care a less...I wish I could care a little less too! ;)

Jill said...

This is so adorable! I think it turned out great!! Neat idea.
Have a great weekend!

Jen said...

Very cute...dorky...No!
I love that you change it up with the seasons!
Love your chair and ottoman too. The only time I seem to sit down is when I'm blogging. The rest of the day...I'm up and on on the move too.

Jess said...

so cute!!! i am trying to collect more fall decorations so i can enjoy them longer...yours look great!!! and the chair turned out great....try to enjoy it!!!