Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Student of the month

I am proud to say, Zoe is student of the month for her class at school. Woo! She was super excited. I really wasn't sure she'd get it this year. I have noticed so many time teachers select students for different reasons like maybe a particular student had a rough time and then was doing better, he/she gets selected. Or a student who kind of needs an ego boost will be selected. I know there are a million more reasons (I was a teacher ya know!) and everyone who gets selected is deserving, and those who don't get selected are as well (I honestly think they should do it by the week, that way everyone gets a turn at some point and some will get it more than once... anyway...).

Zoe is such a great student. She does anything a teacher would ask her to do, including coloring in the same direction on an art project no matter how much she didn't want to (yes, this has happened to her!). She uses good manners and helps others. This year she has stayed inside for recess a bunch of times because one of her classmates is handicapped in a wheelchair and can't maneuver the playground. My sweet girl stays inside and plays board games and colors with her so she has someone to play with. Zoe tries so hard to do her best, the poor girl loses sleep over school projects sometimes. Yikes! She loves school so much, she never says she is bored or wants to stay home. Girls like her make teaching a breeze, I remember them fondly. :)

So, yes, I am bragging on her. She deserves it. Way to go babe!

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Kerri said...

Congratulations Zoe on Student of the Month!!! How exciting! I got a little teary reading about Zoe choosing to stay in sometimes at recess....what a super girl you have Jenny!