Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday stuff

This picture is for my friend, Kristin, my crust turned out great! Thanks for the consultation.
This was my first ever home-made pizza crust. I have baked just about everything (except a souffle, way too scared to try that) but I always bought premade crusts. Kristin had us over for dinner a couple weeks ago and she made her own crust using wheat flour and my kids loved it. Zoe was particularly impressed with Kristin's kneading and rolling techniques. Well, by golly, I thought, I want them scarfing up my homemade pizza too! After texting Kristin through the grocery store, I felt confident to make my own. I am happy to declare that everyone loved it. (Hubby even had some the next day- he didn't get to eat with us that night- and he said it was so yummy and I have to make it every time.) I thought it was delish too. Just the perfect combination of crispy crust and soft middle. Yes, I put pepperoni on my piece only and no, I did not put any veggies on it, the kids said they would not eat it if I put onions on there. So I made myself and giant salad and cut my piece in half, hubby enjoyed the other half. I used the recipe off the Fleishman's pizza crust packet. Super easy and cheap!

Here is Kristin's blog.

Things to do this week:
  • clean the outside of my kitchen cabinets
  • get everything ready for Parker's fifth birthday party (Saturday)

my menus for the week:
  • baked chimichangas
  • pork and sauerkraut with biscuits
  • chili spaghetti
  • white beans and sausage
  • broccoli frittata

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Kerri said...

Mmmmm your pizza looks yummy! Such a bonus when your kids like it too! I've never made my own crust before. We often make our own pizza with tortilla wraps or those new bagel thins.