Monday, October 11, 2010

hangers and clips

Be prepared. (Is that a boy or girl scout rule? Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter.)
Sometimes I forget to share my organization tips. Maybe I need a new blog name? There are so many other fun things to discuss...

Last weekend, Zoe had a Brownie outing. It was on Saturday, the same day as my boot camp class I just started taking. I was a little worried that coming home from my class, getting everyone fed, clothed, etc. would make us frazzled and forget something. Friday night, I got her vest, $, permission slip and added a note to wear tennies and bring a water bottle. I clipped all this to the hanger and put it in our laundry room. There is no way we will miss this stuff, since we have to walk through here to get to the car. I found this a worthy tip to share.

I use the hanger and clip method a lot. I clip things (like notes or permission slips) to Zoe's dance leotard. Clip things to back packs. Clip things to lunch bags, my purse, I have even clipped things to my coat. There is nothing I hate worse than leaving the house and realizing the thing I needed is sitting on the counter because I was too hectic when leaving and forgot it.

Just a funny, when I was a teacher, I encouraged parents to safety pin folded notes to their children so I would be sure to get them. Most of them obliged and I usually received all my parent notes. :) I also pinned notes to the kids to go home, only if they were really important. (I taught kindergarten and first grade, so lost things were a big problem, and no, the kids were not embarrassed, they were proud to take notes home, the notes were all bad!)

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