Monday, October 18, 2010

party pics

Pictures from Parker's skateboard party:
I had all the kids pose with this backdrop and we made skater posters to take home. (I printed out their pics real quick for them to use.)
The only picture of him with his cake.

Showcasing his ABC scrapbook- this one is a basic one, no frills but it does show him from birth to five years old. I was channeling my friend Sarah by using cardboard for signs. I thought they looked kind of "tough" like a skateboard guy.
He played with his new Scooby house late into the night and every moment since his party. I think he likes it! Yes he is sitting on the counter, no I don't know how he got there.

OK, so most of my party pictures are lamer than ever. This was a hellacious party. No kidding. I had it planned to the tee. I was all set. AND then reality. Everyone was just coming and going, people coming late, people leaving early, mostly our family. And it just made it impossible to have a smooth, flowing party. I was so frustrated. I wanted to cry almost the whole time. I really was angry trying to accommodate everyone, introduce people, make sure everyone had food and drinks, when I really just wanted to make it fun for Parker. I think I did an ok job of not letting my feelings show but boy was I pissed. (My friend Kristin who was also having her birthday on the same day, was the only person I told my frustrations to, like she needed that on her birthday!) I usually anticipate chaos for parties but this one was the kicker. Oh well, I hope Parker doesn't remember the craziness, just the fun. **sigh**


Jill said...

His cake is so cute! Did you make it? Don't be so hard on yourself, I bet he had a great day! He sure looks happy. :-)


Kerri said...

I bet Parker loved his party! Cool idea with the skatboard that!
I can relate about relaxing at the party...I am a nervous nellie. It's always so much more relaxing being at a party rather than hosting. Next time, try not to have really high expectations....this works for me (sometimes!).

Kristin said...

Love how you can see Aiden in the corner of Parker's present opening pictures. I loved being there at Parker's party, I always love seeing what creative things you do. My boys keep bugging me to hang up their signs, I just haven't had a chance yet. It was a wonderful party, Parker was so happy I'm sure all he will remember is the fun.

Jess said...

cake is amazing!!! i can so relate on the crazy party feeling...been there! i try to have one party, family AND friends, so i don't have to have 2 parties...i always have to remember to give a couple jobs out...hubby is in charge of making sure everyone has a less thing i have to worry about...and i always have to tell me before every party...he forgets his one job.