Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Fall Y'all

These guys worked so hard raking leaves into a "big" pile to jump in... I was cracking up the whole time because our trees are still so young and teeny, there weren't many leaves to rake.

So it's fall here. Obviously. I just hate admitting it. Really hate it. Anyone who knows me, has to remember that I hate cold weather. Loathe it. Can't stand it. Count the days until summer. Cry when I put my flip flops away... sigh. I swear one of these days I am going to move to the beach. I'll probably be way too old to enjoy it, at least too old to wear a bikini properly, but someday!

Things to do this week:
  • finish Parker's thank you cards
  • take stock and organize my gift area
  • store all the clothes Tanner has outgrown
  • sort Z & P's school pics (to give to family/friends)
  • change the shelf liner under my sink cabinet (so icky!)
  • change my purse to a more fall-ish one
  • get my desk cleaned off so I can scrap!

My menus for this week:
  • sub sandwiches
  • lasagna and salad
  • chili and baked potato bar
  • pasta with veggies and olive oil and salads
  • BBQ pork sandwiches

OK, so there are some repeats from last week. I did not get nearly enough crossed off my list of things last week and my menu sometimes gets thrown out the window when big tall hubby has meetings he forgot to tell me about thus forcing me to make the kids mac and cheese and chicken nuggets! (organic of course, have you seen how they make regular chicken nuggets?! eww!)

And I would like to add, my diva Zoe had a solo in her school musical on Friday. She did so awesome! (No, I am not exaggerating just cos I am her mama!) And the kicker is, she never told any of us that she was going to do it. I asked her a million times if she knew all the songs and lines and stuff and she told me she did. It was such a surprise. I was shocked and my pride meter was through the roof!

Have a great week everyone!


Jen said...

Hi! Catching up on some posts here!
Menu this week sounds great! I don't even want to make a to-do list...Ugggh!
Love the cute pic of you!
Crazy over the skateboard cake...just crazy.
And cinnamon in the may be onto something!
Have a great week!
Yes Y'all! It's it!

Jill said...

Awww thse pictures are great! But i have to say i do love fall so much! Just not Winter, that's too cold for me!

Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it so much! I try doing fun, creative things every day but sometimes it just doesn't come together, LOL

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Sarah said...

BIG hugs to Zoe! Congrats on Student of the Month :) I'm pretty sure she deserves it EVERY month because I've met her brfore you know! I can't believe she didn't tell you she had a solo-were you a crying mess? I would have been doing the ugly cry for sure.

Have a great week-only a few more days of October left and then we can breath-what a nutty month.