Tuesday, October 5, 2010

cracking me up

These pictures are cracking me up!

Tanner is playing with a support cane we keep here for my father-in-law. The big kids use it for a microphone all the time. When I lowered it down to his level, Tanner began belting out his own tune. The lyrics went something like this, "ma, ma, ma!" But he was owning them. The judges on American Idol would be so proud.

ma ma ma
ma ma ma
aren't i so cute?
I am still trying to get my laptop to work so I can find all my blogging buddies' sites (that's where I have them bookmarked)... hope to catch up soon.


Kerri said...

Oh how CUTE! He is really into it! GREAT pics!

Sarah said...

My heart is beating fast. He is ADORABLE!