Wednesday, October 20, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

**this is a "woe is me" post, if you don't want to read, please don't you won't hurt my feelings!**

Ok, ever have one of those days? I am having one.

my boys are sick (snot everywhere)

my house is trashed, company coming tomorrow

CVS ran out of their advertised cereal on special I wanted and I do not want to make another trip, don't they know how annoying it is to drag kids there?! Don't want to repeat it.

I left my Weight Watcher's record book at the center, so now I have to drag my kids back there to get it (I bent down to tie my shoes and wrangle Tanner off the scale and I forgot it)

I weighed in .8 higher than last month, so frustrating, :(

I forgot Parker's backpack when I took him to school so he is furious with me

My dog has been eating my neighbors "compost" and he is having accidents because he is not supposed to eat people food at all (they just throw their food scraps in a pile by their deck, it is not truly a compost pile, so gross, my dog runs over there every time he is out and it is driving me crazy)

So forgive me for not posting about any weight watching tips this week. I am super frustrated and hoping the next few days go by quickly so I can get back to some normalcy.

I do plan on some extra running tonight, stress relief and hopefully burning some calories...

I promise I won't be grumpy tomorrow!

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Kerri said...

I always get so stressed before company comes...feels like so much to get done and plan for. Plus, it usually means mopping floors!

I hope tomorrow is a much better day for you! Enjoy that company!