Wednesday, October 27, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

Yesterday I was putting on my most favorite jeans. The perfect faded blue, hole in the knee, bootcut (I know "skinny" is in, but I am part greek and I have the butt to prove it!), just the right length jeans. And I was in tears, because I had to do the tug and squat. You know, tug a little and squat to get them up over my big greek mama booty. I was so bummed. I mean, seriously, who wants to dig out their favorite jeans from the summer storage only to find them almost too tight to get up over her thighs!? **sigh** I was bound and determined to wear them because by golly when I wore them last year I had to wear a belt for heaven's sake!

Then I got to thinking about my Wednesday posts about watching my weight. It seems like all I do is complain, moan, groan, and be downright grumpy about it. Hmm, not good for all those nice blog friends who read hoping for inspiration. I mean don't we all get bummed out about gaining a couple (or more) pounds? It stinks, let's not try to say it's anything but stinky, pure and simple.

I was writing down my latest meal in my food tracker (again, sorry if you are not an official Weight Watcher, this is a food journal, simply) and it has these inspirational quotes and thoughts each day, my quote for the day said, "celebrate all you have done so far to reach your goal." Wowzers! That hit me like a ton of donuts! Maybe a change in my attitude is what I need to get this weight loss party started?

Here is my food tracker and food guides with points in them and my weight tracker, right on my kitchen counter, no escaping the weight watching journey (paci is not mine by the way, buy hey, maybe that would be good for keeping me from BLTing?!)

So I thought, you know what, I am going to celebrate today! All the stuff in my life that I see, do, use, and think about to keep me on my weight watching journey.

Sorry, no pictures have been staged, so they are not the best...

Here I go, "Celebrate" by Kool in the Gang is playing in my mind right now...

my dungeonous workout area in the basement, I use it all the time and I don't even care that it is a dungeon, I pretend I am Rocky in the movie where he had to fight the big Russian and he had to carry big logs and climb mountains, he didn't have a fancy gym and he was the winner!
dumbells- I have these stashed so I can grab them for my walks around my neighborhood, my neighbors probably think I am a nut, but I don't care, I also have a set in our tv cabinet for dvd or Fit-tv workouts with Gilad
my three pairs of running shoes- one for treadmill, one for outside and one for walking (this pair doesn't have enough support left for running, they are too old) I love Adidas! They have discontinued my favorite pair of shoes, grr. Makes me so mad.
My workout bag for the Ymca. I don't have a picture of my spinning or bootcamp class, my classmates would probably not like that very much. I am super proud of myself for sticking with them every week. I have only missed spinning twice in 10 months! Once because we were on vacation and once because big tall hubby was gone and I can't leave the kids home alone at 5:30 AM! Yay me! (He goes Y-ing on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I get to go on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I know I could technically go every day but I hate putting my kids in the child care -yuck! And I like to get my workouts done early.)

My stash of veggies. (don't know why the photo is sideways?) I have yet to meet a veggie I don't like and eating them every day has been a direct result of Weight Watchers.

My Weight Watchers points calculator. Me and this guy are best buddies. At the grocery, I pull him out when trying to decide which cracker or cheese (or whatever) to buy. Probably the best WW tool I have. (except for meetings)

My drawers of work out clothes, yes, I have a lot. Man are they messy! Usually they look really good but this crazy fall weather is making it hard for me to find what I want to wear when it is freezing at 5:30 AM but I am sweating when I am done.
Probably my biggest celebratory thing: reaching my goal and working for Weight Watchers. I hope to do it full time someday as a leader. Probably when my munchkins are a bit older.

I know there are tons more things that I do everyday to help me stay healthy. These are just a few. It makes me feel good to see them all in one place. I think maybe a change in attitude is just what I needed. So I am taking action and stopping the pity party for myself! Woo! Yay me!


Kerri said...

Ok, I'm not kidding...I am sitting here eating Doritos as I read this...not so good! My jeans that were loose last year are tight this year....and I wonder why! I really only need to lose about 15 lbs to feel really awesome...but sometimes it seems so far away! I think I need to change my attitude too. Thanks!

Kristin said...

Way to go Jenny! You deserve to give yourself a pat on the back you have done awesome!