Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sorry, painted pumpkin, yummy smells

please ignore my bad hair (I am trying to grow out my sides so I can get Keira Knightly's new bob, love it) and dark circles, I am smiling, see

OK, so yesterday I was a total grump, sorry. I was checking some of the other blogs I read and apparently bunches of you were doing a "keeping it real" post. Well, I guess I don't feel too bad about my own griping and complaining, I just didn't do it as well as they all did. Anyway, I am over it now, mostly ;) .

Here are the improved painted pumpkin pictures. What a difference sunlight makes! I am trying to think of something I can do for Christmas, along these same lines, I love it so much.

And quite by accident, I discovered that

this plus

this equals

a yummy smelling house!

How, you ask did I discover this?

Does this answer that question?


Jill said...

Love the pumpkin! Too cute! Cinnamon in the vacuum now that sounds like a great idea!
Have a great weekend!

Kerri said...

Love it! I will try sprinkling some cinnamon in the bag...ooohhh!

I keep thinking I want to do a pumpkin like yours for Brady's teacher...but I am running out of time!