Friday, October 8, 2010

sugar cookies

What is it about fall that makes me want to bake like a maniac? I have made cookies like crazy lately (maybe that is contributing to my frustrating weight problems?!). Sugar cookies arealways a hit around here. They are eaten within a couple days. I swear it takes longer to make them then it does to enjoy them. They are a lot of effort!

The mixing, the chilling, the flour, the rolling, the squabbling over cutters, the cooling before icing...Jeez! I usually get really grumpy when we make these because you know the process is sooooooooo long. And the kids want to help. And I don't like it when things get messy. And I can never get them to turn out cute enough. And you get the idea.

Tanner waits patiently for a bite...

I have a lot of cookie cutters, does this make me a cookie cutter hoarder?
Do I need help from those people who come and organize your stuff?
I promise I did not buy all of these. I have received many of them as gifts... probably because I make cookies for everyone for lots of occasions (remember, I think bakery bribery is perfectly acceptable!)
This guy was super, over-the-top, excited to be making these with me, even better since Zoe was at school and she wasn't here to tell him how to do it (his words, not mine!) Boy, was she mad when she got home and saw the cookies. It went something like this, "mooo-ooooom, why didn't I get to make cookies too?" (total whiny voice)
So you local gals (and those who have moved :) ) will know about Sugarcraft. It's a store for bakers in town. They have a great website too. I have gone there for years (to get more cookie cutters and other supplies, they have everything, no joke) and I have never had the people who work there be anything but nice to me. Until yesterday. (My friends who have gone all swear that the workers there are super grumpy and mean.) I was asking the cashier if they offered classes or knew of any on decorating cookies with the perfect edges, making dams, different icings, all that stuff that Martha does on her show too quick for me to learn. And the lady was SO RUDE. She said, "we don't do that anymore. (Insert mean sarcastic tone) Just get one of these DVDs." And she kind of flung her hand in the direction of a shelf of DVDs. Now let me say, I had the boys with me and they were being very well behaved, seriously, and there was no one else in the store. What the heck was her problem? I just kind of smiled and said, something like, "oh, I guess that's what sprinkles are for." And left.

Was she being rude or am I just over-reacting? Either way. I will probably go back even though, it was a bad experience because I just can't help myself. I love good kitchen stuff and I love baking. You can go here to check out their stuff, no rude tones online!
See, sprinkles make everything pretty.

Here is the recipe we used, not my regular Martha one, this one makes fewer than the other recipe I use, I only wanted to make a couple dozen. Her other recipe makes a TON.

Two other things I am thinking about:

  • I feel like I live at the grocery part time. Do you think they could set up a cot and a crate (or a cute Longaberger) to put my stuff in by the water fountain? I am there all the time...

  • Groceries are way too expensive. And yes, I think the people of New York are doing the right thing by not allowing people to use food stamps on soft drinks. That makes me mad that people would buy that stuff with their government money... grr.

  • I was watching "Bridget Jones' Diary" the other day while I was on my treadmill. It was the scene where she had to get freaky with Hugh Grant (love him!) and she had on her big granny panties that sucked in her belly. I noticed that Renee Z (can't remember how to spell her name!) was not even chubby. She looked so cute, not like the normal anorexic, tiny skeletal actress we are so used to. And I remember reading that book and picturing a much heavier girl. Hollywood is warped. Just sayin'.

OK, so that was three (kind of four) things, but who's counting.

Have a nice weekend!


Kerri said...

My vote is for RUDE!
I make an outline on cookies w/ a thicker frosting...and then flood it by watering down another color of icing...almost like syrup consistency. It's also easier to flood if you put your icing in a squeeze bottle.
Our candy/cake making store that sells all kinds of supplies left...and for the last few years we haven't had anywhere to go. Stinks!
I hate the groery...and feel like I'm there every other day too. Even Walmart groceries are really going up.
Have a great weekend!

Jill said...

Cookies look great! Wow, you have a lot of cookie cutters!LOL I thought I had a lot but I think you have me beat. :-)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Sarah said...

Me love cookies(in my best cookie monster voice)! Your sugar cookies look fab, I never have the nerve to do them so I am SUPER impressed. I don't know if you ever read the Pioneer Woman, but she had a monster cookie recipe that I have to try. It had some serious ingredients in it-yummers.

I can't stand the grocery store, it really makes me crabby and I spend a small fortune there-more than anyone I know. uggg.

Have a great weekend!

Becca said...

Just stopping by to catch computer is also acting up (grrr) so I've not been spendung much time with it...making me way grumpy! October always gets to me. Gearing up for Halloween then ALL the holidays...I need a paper bag please...I'm starting to hyperventilate...

You are not alone! I second all your sentiments since your break! Take care!