Monday, October 18, 2010

skateboard cake

This is how I made Parker's skateboard cake for his birthday on Saturday.
When he requested a skateboard cake, I said, "sure buddy." But inside, I was thinking, "oh shi*! What am I the Ace of Cakes?!"

I started with a regular 13x9 sheet cake.
I cut off the corners to round it out. (I kept Parker's real skateboard on the counter for inspiration.) If you don't do this waxed paper trick when you ice a cake, you will from now on. I learned from the almighty Martha to put pieces of wax paper under the cake and when you are done icing it, slide them out. Your cake plate is clean. It works. I really want one of those spinning cake icing things she has too, but that's another story.
Parker wanted blue icing. Sorry to all the guests who ended up with blue teeth.
I added flames to make it look tough, skatebording-guyish.
Some fondant letters, this is the part where my cakes go awry. I can't do the pretty cursive icing so I tried this. Not sure I like these either.
Some donuts for wheels. And done.
By the way, my sweet, big tall hubby said, "cool car cake" when he saw it in the fridge before the party. Thanks babe, you really know how to make a gal feel good about her cake decorating skills.

Things to do this week:
put away all party supplies
clean house from party
sort/organize/ figure out what I need from my gift stash area
help Parker write his thank you notes

My menus for this week:
white bean stew
lasagna with salad
chicken chili with homemade bread
some kind of tortellini dish (got the tort, just not sure what to do with it yet)
leftover pizza (from Parker's party)

I will post a couple more party pics tomorrow. It was an absolute crazed party (for me anyway) so I didn't get very many good ones.

Have a great night everyone.


Kerri said... must be watching ACE of CAKES and taking notes b/c that skateboard cake is FANTASTIC! You did an amazing job...I'm sure your little guy loved it!

Sarah said...

I L.O.V.E. the cake. Way to go Mom!! I have caught up on your blog and I am crazy for your pumpkin, more in love with Tanner(he reminds me of my little animal lover-too cute), wishing Parker a happy belated birthday- what else-I'm forgetting a lot. Just love your blog :) Hope to see you soon??