Wednesday, November 3, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

Before I get to weight watchin' I just have to show you Zoe's hair from this morning. She said her dance teacher had this hairstyle and she wanted to copy it. (I didn't notice her teacher's hair so I had to do it based on my interpretation of her description.) She loves her dance teacher and would like nothing better than to follow her around all day and do exactly as Miss Chelsea does. I do think it looks cute. (You can't tell from the pic but there are two pony tails.) Having a girly girl is a dream come true sometimes. I love fixing her hair every day. Takes me back to all those days of playing Barbies!
And God forbid I would have the camera out and not take Tanner's picture. He screams, "cheee!" as soon as he sees the camera. (Typical third child, starved for attention! Just kidding all you thirds out there!)
Now for watchin' my weight...

I love Shape magazine. I have read it for years! It is by far my favorite "healthy" magazine. I have read them all, no joke. I have had subscriptions to a lot and Shape is my favorite. They have the shortest articles (good for a busy mom, not good when I want more info) and the best recipes. They almost always have celebrity covers, which motivates me, who doesn't want to look like a Hollywood starlet? They have those great before and after articles of real people who lost weight (probably my favorite part of the whole magazine)*. The workouts are good, very well illustrated and explained. On the negative, they do have those headlines that promise losing weight in two weeks. Which we all know do not work, or else I wouldn't be posting every Wednesday about my weight challenges... This sounds weird but I love the ads too. I know I am so kooky. But sometimes that is the only way I see healthy products. I don't get to GNC much anymore (in my single girl days, I was there a ton) and at the grocery I am so focused on my mission to get in and out with no one hurt or left behind that I don't get to browse the health food/item aisles.
This was my favorite page from the October issue... sorry I had to take a pic because we don't have a scanner...
They talk about skating (roller blading specifically) as a great exercise. I would agree 100%. I love to skate. I am currently looking for some new ones for myself. I recently gave my old blades to Goodwill, they were kid's sized and not meant to go fast and smooth (I have little feet and I bought them in college to save money- I know, I am kooky!). Parker just got skates for his birthday and I am drooling over watching him go around our driveway and on the sidewalks. I am trying to decide if I should get blades or skates.... AND I love when my daughter gets invited to skating parties, I always go and skate like a mad woman. ;)

This page also says that people who have clean and tidy homes are healthier. I guess people who take the time to clean up will also take the time to exercise. I should be in an Ironman competition if that is true! ;)

And lastly, they show (at the bottom) if you eat two mini bags of M&M's you have to do an hour of yoga to negate them. Hmm, so if I ate all that Halloween candy Sunday and Monday, I'd better get busy NOW! ;)

*Weight Watchers magazine has the true testimonials also. I love these. I almost always turn to these pages first!


Kerri said...

I think having a girly girl would be so much fun! I was truly meant to have a son...although growing up I always pictured myself with a daughter! I didn't know you were an only child. I was sort of...I was 10 when my sister was born.
I've read Shape here and there lying around at the gym...maybe I should get me a subscription for a little motivation?!

Jill said...

Love her hair! I have similar conversations with my girl's hair and new do's! LOL I love shape too, great magazine and the before and after always are inspiring. You however, do not look like you need to lose any weight, you look great!
Hope you are having a wonderful day!