Wednesday, November 10, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

My "trainers" in my face, keeping me motivated.
Actually, they are on my treadmill.

I keep these gals' pictures on my treadmill and I mentally "hear" them talking to me. I know it is so kooky, but imagining Jackie saying, "are you working to intensity Jen?" is enough to get me to go faster or increase the incline. I love her show "Thintervention" (you gals know I do) and I am so sad it is over. I hope she comes back for another season. I adore Jillian too but I don't like how "The Biggest Loser" eliminates people, I wish they could all stay on the show until the end, anyway. These gals are my motivators. (Just for the record, I rarely watch tv while I am treadmilling, I know the remote is there, because I am usually on it at 5AM, nothing worth watching then. Now, if I am treading at night, I love to watch VH1 shows and Dancing with the Stars.)

Yesterday, I overslept through my alarm and the trampoline was my cardio for the day. (Why is it when big tall hubby is gone I cannot get out of bed?! He was at a principal conference. Hmm, wonder.) Parker loves having me jump with him, even though my bladder hates it when I jump!
I also took a nice long walk with Tanner while Parker was at his choir class. I was however pushing the stroller. ;)
So Jackie and Jillian weren't in my face to motivate me, but I worked out the best way a mommy can when she snoozes through the alarm!


Kerri said...

Sometimes it's nice to switch it up a bit! Love that you have trainers in your face while you're on the treadmill!

Jill said...

Great pictures. Hmmm maybe I need to try that with the pics for
Have a great night!