Monday, November 8, 2010

More Elmos, Monday stuff

I don't know about your house, but around here the "good" Halloween candy is just about gone. The good stuff, meaning the chocolate. Thank goodness. All that chocolate just staring at me for a week was killing me! I ate my fair share for sure and I'm positive it will show up on the scale. I am glad all that is left is the sugary stuff (like taffy, sweet-tarts, etc.) which does not call out my name all day long, just begging to be eaten.

Tanner is really in Elmo mode. He is borderline obsessed. We found these Elmos (and other characters, sorry Ernie and Big Bird) from our toy cave in the basement and he is in heaven. He combines them with his beloved animals and is content to line them all up and "count" them. He says, "un, un, un, doo, too. Yeah!" So funny. Oh, and he likes you to say all their names as he points to them. That is super fun when you do it about 20 times in a row!

"Un, un, un, doo, too, yeah!"
He lines them up facing the same direction, is that weird? maybe he is just detail oriented....
"Momo, mommy!!!!" (say that super loud)

This is his bunny which he calls, "mou". Like "mouse." He is a bit confused, he thinks bunnies and squirrels are mice, hmm, have to work on that.

My things to do this week:
take boxes to Goodwill
take books to Half Priced books
get Parker's hair cut and take him to the dentist
buy Christmas card supplies at Hobby Lobby (missed the sale last time!)
get out my winter shoes and put away my summer ones (sniff, sniff)
deliver fund raiser items that Zoe sold for school

My menus for this week:
BBQ pork and coleslaw
Veggie fritatta
meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans (special request from hubby)
white bean chili
grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup


Kerri said...

Unfortuantely I like the sugary stuff even more than the chocolate...I'm doing my best to avoid it...but yesterday I caved!
Tanner is so cute lining up his figures! How easy will shopping be at Christmas time for him?! All that elmo stuff out there!
And speaking of grilled cheese, have you tried laughing cow light swiss cheese spread? I made a grilled cheese sandwich this weekend with that and it was heavenly!

Sarah said...

Tanner is so darn cute! How funny that he lines them up like that. Sloan has started watching Sesame Street-he's a fan.

Not sure if I commented on your chair, but I love it. you do have great taste!

Good luck with the new Realtor. Take care-Have a great week.

Jill said...

He is just so adorable!!!
Can you post your recipe for the vegetable frittata? That sounds yummy. ;-)
My halloween candy has been safely sent to my husbands work! LOL
Have a great afternoon.