Thursday, November 4, 2010

making progress

First let me say, we are having our home photographed today again for a new realtor to list our house. I am soooooo tired of trying to sell this place, I am over it. Really. I won't be all grumpy and gloomy about it, just know I am severely irritated and could go on about how stinky the real estate market is for about five hours. But I will spare you all that.

Next, I would like to say I am making progress on my "things to do" list...


Here is my gift area before...

And after, not a big improvement but some. The best part is that I made a master list of what I have and who it is for. Every thing got stashed in these blue reusable grocery bags or the big tub. Sorry for the dark picture, this is my closet and the lighting is reeeeeeally bad. (the Target bags are holding breakable things I didn't want to put with other stuff)
The kids' winter hats and etc. before
After, I am training them to put their gloves inside their hats. There are three piles, Zoe, Parker, and Tanner. Now, I know this won't be all neat and tidy forever, but it is good to start the season all ready to go. And I realized that I don't have to buy any new stuff for the kids, they have enough for a couple good rounds of snow play (you know extras for when they get all wet and cold!). Glad I was able to take stock.
Big tall hubby and I keep our stuff on the shelf in the coat closet, good for him, bad for shorty me. Funny thing, I think these baskets were the first things I labeled for us when we got married 9 years ago! Still using them.
Have a super day y'all. I am going to go put all my stuff back that I had to move for the photog so my house didn't look like mine while she took the pictures. Ahh, the joys of selling a home in 2010.


Jill said...

I remember home selling...ugh, no fun. Plus keeping everything tidy, showings all the time, ugh again. I wish you the best, your home is lovely. The market however is not :-(
Yes...organizing the closets are STILL on my list, lol.
Have a great afternoon

Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

Oh Jenny! I can feel your pain. Selling your home is the worst! Stick with it, as sucky as it is, it will all pay off in the end.

Good luck with your photos today. Your home is beautiful... I know they'll look fantastic.