Thursday, November 12, 2009

to do

Things I want to do today:
  • go to the library
  • make pumpkin bread
  • finish 3 loads of laundry (and put away)
  • watch a "Martha Stewart" I have DVR-ed
  • begin cutting paper for Christmas cards
  • maybe begin a new scrapbooking project
  • order stuff online- crafts for Thanksgiving break (keeping kids entertained!)
  • upload some photos to order when there is a print sale
  • make my grocery list/organize coupons for that trip
  • run on my treadmill
  • watch "The Office" (maybe do this while on treadmill)
  • vacuum downstairs
  • go to the dry cleaners

Things I probably will do today:
  • about half that list

It's good to have goals isn't it? Even if some of them are unattainable.

Seriously, it seems like my "to do" lists get longer and longer every day. Does anyone else feel that way? I try to balance have to dos with want to dos and honestly, I sometimes just get exhausted and overwhelmed. I mean, whew, already!

Update: I got about half these things done, didn't get to watch my shows or begin Christmas cards, or order online goodies,teething baby made these impossible. Did get to watch the new Housewives of Orange County... sometimes plans change.

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