Thursday, November 19, 2009

trying new things

I am a virgin no longer.
Oh, get your head out of the gutter, I've got three kids for goodness sake!

I had my first sushi yesterday. I have wanted to try some for years but finding a good sushi place in Cincinnati doesn't vibe with the kids who want nuggets and pizza and the hubby who wants wings and ribs. So I found myself at Jungle Jim's, a foodie's paradise, and they had samples sitting out. I thought, what the hey? I tried it and by george I loved it. I mean, I didn't get too crazy, just veggies, organic brown rice, soy and wasabi sauce, seems pretty basic. Now, I am in love. I figured I would like it, me being the veggie lover I am. I'm not sure how adventurous I will get, eating raw fish does raise the ick factor a bit, we'll see. I bought a little pack and had it for lunch today. Yummo! And, the best part, I got to eat six pieces of my healthy veggie sushi and it was only 2 points! For you fellow weight watchers out there, you will agree this is a rockin' good food.

Check out Jungle Jim's if you're ever in the Fairfield, Ohio area.

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Sarah said...

Yummo! I think I a have a hankerin for some sushi myself and as far as Jungle Jims-boy do miss that place!