Wednesday, November 4, 2009

watchin' my weight Wednesday

I thought I could occasionally share a Weight Watcher tip that has worked for me over these last seven months. I think most everyone agrees that being healthy is a top priority. Weight Watchers is the healthiest plan I have ever found/used and I am not a paid endorser, just sharing what has worked for me. Although I am looking forward to starting my training to be a meeting receptionist very soon :)

Drinking Water
Almost all diets/eating/health plans call for drinking water, at least 6-8 (8oz.) glasses. At first this was hard for me. I tried filling the water bottle and drinking three a day, that way I knew I got the right amount. But at night I was chugging water that I forgot to drink during the day, and after three kids, the old bladder couldn't take that. So I started drinking a big glass first thing in the morning, my body needs it after all that sleep I get (ha ha ha). I drink a glass before bedtime. I always drink a big glass with each meal. I measured my glasses and found that I was surpassing the 6-8 recommended amount but I felt so good, I figured I must need it. Spreading it out with meals, makes it easier to drink, instead of all at once. (Our drinking glasses are big tumbler sized.) I still drink Diet Dr. Pepper and hot peppermint tea too. So I am basically floating around all day, but honestly, I feel really good and my skin is really clear. I think from all that water. Maybe this is something that might help you in your health and wellness quest.

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