Monday, March 15, 2010

blah blah blah

Random stuff I am thinking about:

1. We went out to eat last night. I had a tiny side salad and a cup of soup (not a bowl) and my meal totaled over 700 calories. Are you freakin' kidding me, I didn't even put dressing on my salad and I took the croutons and cheese off? Paul had an Asian-ish dish, chicken, rice, veggies, and his was over 2300 calories!!! I came home and looked on the restaurant's web site and the info was right there, no wonder all of America is getting fatter and unhealthier. Yuck, makes me never want to eat out again.

2. Going out to eat is not fun with a baby and two more kids.

3. I want Lady Gaga's body. Not in the primal sense, I literally want to cut her head off and put mine on. I used to crave Fergie's body, but I watched Gaga on VH1 this morning while running off my 700 calorie soup and salad and I noticed her body is freakin' awesome. Although I do remember her saying she stays thin by "not eating." OK, so that won't work for me but I can dream.

4. Spring needs to get here now. I am done freezing my hoochie coochie off.

5. Trying to sell a house right now (in this retched economy) sucks. I am sick of worrying about it and cleaning all the time.

6. I am really not grumpy today, (I am a little sleepy.) even though I sound like I am, I think I am still in shock over my 700 calorie salad and soup (did I mention, it was a cup, not a bowl?!).

7. I have this amazing urge to purge lots of unused items, will someone come and take my kids for a weekend so I can work uninterrupted? (And I don't want them to see me getting rid of their stuff.)

8. I am going to go "watch" Scooby Doo with Parker. (really I am going to snooze on the couch while he watches, seriously, I am so tired!)


Sarah said...

OMG! I'm right there with you on the clean house sucks thing. I told Todd after we move into our new house I'm leaving dirty dishes in the sink for 30 days straight. Love Zoe's dance pictures. She is beautiful. Love the picture of you and Tanner. I like your hair-couldn't tell it was a bad hair day :) Love the tags for your linen closet. I have tags made for mine and my sisters made fun of me-like I have some sort of cumpulsive issue-but in my life I would like everything labeled! Just got the box you sent for Becca-hopefully I will see her this week to give it to her. Love reading your blog!!

Kristin said...

Big hugs Jenny. I hope that "watching" Scooby with Parker helped you get some much needed rest.