Friday, March 26, 2010

March Get Organized Challenge

Well, I did it. I accepted my own challenge. Here is my newly organized linen closet... no more games and puzzles trying to leap to their deaths, no more blankets we don't use, no more useless Space Bags (sorry, I really wanted to love those things, they just didn't have lasting quality for me), no more embarrassment. In fact, I have been leaving the doors open so I can enjoy my work and to keep showing the kids and hubby. Really, I just want them to say how wonderful it looks, but they could care less.

It looks really sparse right now because I am hoping potential buyers will look in there and see unused space and think it is cavernous. In reality, if we were not trying to sell our home, I might have a couple more things in here. I have some photo boxes looking for a home...
This bucket has been many things in its life, now it holds goggles, swim diapers, and a couple pool toys. We have a lot more pool and swimming supplies but I only get those out in the summer. These are the basics used for indoor swimming at the YMCA during the winter. It sits right next to the beach towels, that way, hubby can't say "where are the pool toys (or towels)" when he is helping get ready to go.
These are the extra sheets we have. Everyone has one extra set in case I have to do emergency changing in the middle of the night (I am an expert after all our stomach flus.). Usually, I just wash them and put them right back on the beds, that way I don't have to fold them. When I set out to reorganize this space, I had visions of gorgeous Longaberger (you know I love them) baskets with cute denim liners and then reality hit. I don't have the cash flow for that much beauty, if I did, I'd be spending it on myself! So I hit Walmart. These are really cheap craft baskets. I wanted the ones that are rectangular because they would fit better on a shelf but they were like $20 a piece, these were $5. AND I know when we move to our teeny new house we might not even have a linen closet so I was worried about shelling out money for things we probably wouldn't be using in a short while. So anyway, my mind's vision was way better than how it turned out but I still like the result. Again, labels are to help hubby when he can't find sheets.
The round things are sleeping bags. My kids play with these all the time so I can't hide them in the basement. We use them for watching movies and playing camping so they have to be accessible. Yes, my spoiled diva daughter has two (hence pink ones) and Tanner doesn't have one yet. It looks weird to have two girly things when I really have two boys. She will have to choose one to purge soon, I can't stand to have extras of things like this, just annoying. Anyway. The plaid boxes hold my table cloths for the dining room and kitchen. They used to be in Tanner's room holding baby toys but they are kind of flimsy, everytime we got something out, they were collapsing. So I decided they'd be better used here since really I won't be using them a lot. Does that make sense?
The yellow towels are "guest" towels even though we don't have a guest bathroom anymore. It's good to have extra towels for the kids, I guess. They are miss matched but they are all in good shape because we hardly ever use them.

That's it, my big project is done for the month. I have a new one planned for next month. Stay tuned. Did you accept my challenge? I hope maybe you got inspired to do a little project, even if it isn't this one.

Have a nice weekend. We woke up to snow, are you kidding me?! And the freakish wind blew our recycling stuff all over the street, then it rained, then the papers froze to the ground. So now I have to wait for the weather to warm up before I can go pick up trash on my street. Grr, it is always something...

My Wildcats won! Elite Eight baby!!!

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