Friday, March 19, 2010

lots to do

So much to do this weekend, hopefully I will get a chance to enjoy this nice weather.

stuff going on:

Two fundraisers/silent auctions
basketball games (to watch Wildcats and attend for PJ)
open house (must clean whole house again!)
Brownie meeting
New Moon DVD release (hopefully I'll finally get to watch it!)
tons and tons of errands
oh, and I want to run outside at least twice
better go get busy...

update: I got most of this done, except watching "New Moon." maybe this weekend, since we have less scheduled, have to fit it in between basketball games, Go Wildcats! Go Buckeyes! (that's for my hubby ;)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

that is a lot! Hope you get those runs in because I know those will make you feel like a million bucks :) Have fun and breathe