Tuesday, March 2, 2010

craving "normal"

I cannot wait for things to get back to normal. I have been saying that for so long I don't think I even know what normal is anymore. I know I said I wouldn't talk about it anymore, but the stomach flu is BACK! This time, my husband has been so sick I forced him to go to the doctor. This is his second round of the flu and the doctor actually prescribed medicine to help him. He probably (we'll know in a couple days, that is health care in America- don't get me started!) has this god-awful stomach bacteria that is actually fatal if not treated. Yes, FATAL! OK, I am really mad at our doctors and instead of going off about how they have let my poor baby be sick for over three weeks with probably the same thing, I will just leave it at I am furious with them and I am definitely going to do something about how I feel when everyone is better. (Just by the way, if you ever have to have your "samples" tested, make sure the lab tests for all the bacterias, not just a few of them, in case you have the FATAL one, they did not test Tanner's for this, and well, anyway...)

So I am ready to be done with the flu, ready to have everyone healthy again, ready for normal.

Moral of the story: wash your hands, a lot!!!

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Becca said...

Oh...so sorry! Hope you all get healthy again soon! I'm thinking of you!