Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Get Organized Challenge

I started blogging a couple years ago because one of my friends kept telling me I should share all my little tips for making things more organized. This has been my venue to share some of those tips but mostly I rant and rave about grocery shopping hell and stomach flu woes. Well, I thought I'd offer a challenge for March and include myself in the challenge.

CUE: Star Wars Theme music (wish I was tech savvy enough to actually have the music playing)

You are about to enter some uncharted territory...

Da Da Da (dramatically read that please)

My Linen Closet!
Can you believe it? I actually growl when I open the doors, I hate it so much. The games and puzzles have taken over, there is no room for actual linens!
Those are my Space Bags up there (holding extra pillows and blankets) that have lost their powers, I can't even reach up there without a stool so who knows what is up there.
That is some extra craft supplies and travel bags and baby safety stuff. How does this stuff find a home here? I have no idea!
Here, the beach towels are exploding and the Hungry Hungry Hippos look like they are going to commit suicide by plunging to their deaths, "I promise little hippo guys, it will get better!"

OK, seriously, a year ago, this thing was clean. As you can see, it is anything but now. Here's the full view! (dramatic music insert here)

I am challenging you to take the month of March and clean your linen closet as well. I promise to post pictures of mine as soon as I am finished. Maybe my work will inspire you to declutter, purge, sort, alphabetize, however you decide to organize. I am hoping to move the games, purge unused linens, and find a spot to house my dining room table cloths because they are really big and I don't like storing them in my china cabinet. So there, even an "organized mommy" has unorganized spaces, just don't tell anyone! And while I'm at it, I might even send those darn Space Bags back, what the heck, aren't they supposed to be flat giving you so much extra space?!


Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

UG. My post didn't post right so I will try again.

The linen closet has been on my list for months now so I accept your challenge and raise you my master bedroom closet as well. HA HA HA (insert evil laugh here)