Thursday, March 18, 2010

a quickie

Here is a quickie organizing project I did this week...

Close up shot
The whole bottom- far away shot, don't you hate stinkin' power cords?! Grr, so annoying and ugly!

Parker was watching a movie and I noticed that our armoire was a MESS! OK, so I didn't reallly "notice" per say, I knew it was a mess, I was in serious denial. Before I knew what I was doing, I had emptied the whole thing and was making piles (keep, trash, donate) and dusting like a mad woman. I couldn't help myself. It all happened so fast, I forgot to take a before picture, sorry blog gals who like to compare. Just trust me, it was baaaaaad! I threw out a lot of trash, old movies that didn't work, instruction sheets, etc. I have decided to donate all the old VHS movies, we never watch them and the only ones I kept were our home movie ones (which I hope to get converted to DVD someday). I also took all the old remotes and stored them in the basement with other stuff from this cabinet (like extra cords, product sheets, stuff we might need someday but doesn't need to be in this cabinet). The blue boxes hold my exercise DVDs (hence my small dumbbells and pilates circle- my bigger weights are in the basement by the treadmill- these are only for DVDS) and our few home movies. I will say, I have had these boxes for a long time. I originally bought them for another area (one is being used there now) and I had them kind of laying in my closet because I was mad, they were kind of a pain to put together. Now that I have them together, I must say, I like them. I like the blue color and the metal trim is cute. They are from Wal-mart, super cheap, but you do have to put them together, so kind of a trade off. The little white basket holds our Wii stuff. We seriously don't use our Wii very often so we don't have a lot of games and controllers. I was going to put the supplies in one of the lidded boxes but I figured the kids would trash them. Anyway, I am happy with how this looks. It's one of those things I sat and stared at for a year or so and kept telling myself it would get done. It feels good to be done. On to the next thing...

It's March and you know what that means for me....

Kentucky Wildcats Championship Banner
Go Big Blue!

Love my Wildcats, hope they win today, you know what I'll be doing at 7:15 tonight.

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