Tuesday, June 1, 2010

diary of a mad housewife

Dear Diary,
When all else fails, cut the darn thing off!

OK, so maybe that doesn't work all the time (just ask Lorena Bobbit) but in this case it did. See the nozzle for our hose laying on the ground, yep, I got so mad at it, yes you can get mad at a hose nozzle, that I cut the sucker off.

I've been asking/nagging my hubby to set up our rain barrel for about a month or so and he kept putting it off. He is holding out hope that we will see our house and he doesn't want to have to undo and redo it. Whatever honey. The housing market stinks, we won't be moving anytime soon. AND this darn nozzle (from the cheapo hose he bought from QVC- that I have never liked by the way because it is a coil and who the hell moron thought a giant coiled hose would be a good invention? and for that matter who the hell planted a tree that was supposed to stay tiny right in front of the hose bib and now the tree is so big only fairies can get to the hose bib- I am totally ranting right now) got me soaking wet everytime I used it.

So like any madwoman, I grabbed my scissors and cut it off. Now I can water our patio pots with a nice little trickle of water instead of getting sprayed and swearing at everyone and everything within 20 miles.

I like to call it survival of the high school principal widow, I do what I have to do when my hubby is gone to school all the time and I am here battling at the home front.

Actually, I felt really relieved to get rid of that dang nozzle, I do however prefer to use the rain barrel, way better for the environment and plants just like rain better.

Signed, Jenny, official madwoman of the house


Bringing Pretty Back said...

I am dying laughting! "who the hell moron" hahahah!!!! YES! good for you! Cut it off! Lorena! ha! more laughter!
Thank you for your sweet and wonderful comment!
Have a pretty day!

Kerri said...

Good for you! Sound like you could use a good drink after that too!

PS. I want my patio to look like yours! We just have boring,old, ugly concrete!

Jen said...

Last weekend we spent 45 minutes trying to get our nozzle off the hose...I think it got run over or something. So...I cut our hose too! Hularious! Made me feel better for the time being. Now I have to buy another one...cause I need to use the hose end sprayer.
Oh well.