Thursday, June 10, 2010

did you know?

Did you know you should take your eggs out of the styrofoam or plastic containers they are sold in and put them in the old fashioned paper ones for storage in your fridge? I did not know this.

I guess the philosophy is to keep food out of plastic as much as possible. Store your food in glass containers if possible and never heat them up in plastic. Somehow chemicals in plastic leak (for lack of a better word) into your food the longer they are in plastic and especially if you heat it up (i.e. the microwave).

I have been looking at thrift stores for old pyrex dishes with lids to use for storing leftovers, I'll be looking at garage sales too this summer.

The more I read about the icky stuff in our food the more it scares me to death. Lately, I have been reading "Master Your Metabolism" by Jillian Michaels, very good info in there.

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Bringing Pretty Back said...

I am going to get Jillians new book this week! No, I didn't know we should take our eggs out of the styrofoam. What a good idea to hit garage sales for the pyrex.
I need to do that too.