Tuesday, June 29, 2010

headed to the beach

OK, so this photo is not at all related to anything I want to say. I swear I never saw this one before. That is my Tanner. Wholy cow! Where did the time go? He turned eighteen months old the other day. OMG, I am getting teary. Can't think about it.

Anyway, I made it. We are 90% packed for vacation tomorrow. I have the house almost all clean. I cannot believe it. We'll be on the beach tomorrow! Yahoo! When I was little my mom went to Florida with her girl friends and she told me it was "the land of sunshine and beaches." While she was gone I told everyone she was in "the land of sunshine and b*tches," OOPS! We still call it that, is that wrong?! I am so excited. I luuuuuuv the beach, the sand, the heat, the flip flops, the pina coladas, the salt water, the birds, and everything about it, obviously. It always makes me want to move there forever, maybe someday.

See you all in a week or so...


Becca said...

I CANNOT believe that I have not visited you in so long!!!! I am finding it hard to find time for myself...really hard! I've just caught up with your life and want to wish you a WONDERFUL family vacation but I'm afraid that you've left already! I hope that it was all you hoped for and more blog buddy! (i'm still your blog buddy, right? Even if I have been a bit neglectful? )

Bringing Pretty Back said...

No! That is not wrong! I love it!!!!
Have fun on vacation!

Kerri said...

Maybe our families could retire there and we could be neighbors?! And drink Pina Coladas together! :)
I was meant to live by the beach...no beach here in PA!

Have a WONDERFUL vacation!