Tuesday, June 8, 2010

some teacher gifts

Ah, the end of the year teacher gift. I kind of dread them. There is a lot of pressure to give a thoughtful, meaningful, but not too extravagant gift. I honestly love it when one energetic mom decides to collect money for a group gift from the whole class, but this year, no one stepped forward. I then donate to the energizer mommy and buy a very small gift for my child to give.

I bought this Longaberger basket when they were having a one day only sale (it helps when one of your best friends is a consultant- it was so hard to keep it in my closet and not just adopt it as my own, like the puppies at the pet store! I finally had to put it in a dark box so I could kind of forget about it. Incidentally, I already have this basket for myself, but you know I can hardly resist a good Longaberger!) and I put a whole bunch of pink stuff in there, no reason, I just thought she would like them. (pink stuff: water bottle, sunglasses case, note pad, ankle socks, crossword book, chocolates) Later I covered this with basket cellophane and of course added a beautiful bow but I did not take a picture, oops.
The gym teacher at Zoe's school is a man so I filled a water bottle with kisses instead of the other gifts I made for her lady teachers. The tag (which you cannot see- sorry) is tied to the top with his card.
The lady teachers (music, art, library, bus driver, school nurse- Zoe went to see her a lot) all got these little goodie bags. They had cute matchbook notepads, kisses, and a gift card to our local ice cream shop. I wanted to include pens but I forgot.
I made these little kiss bags to put in the goodie bags. These are tiny jewelry bags with the paper folded over and stapled on top. I love these. I have made these for so many occasions. Valentines treats are perfect in here. Don't you just love this bicycle stamp? It is a way old one from Stampin' Up (so are the word stamps).
Please ignore my unmanicured hand, so not pretty (just FYI I want my hands to look like those ladies on QVC. Don't they just look so pampered and nice?)

I included the ice cream gift cards in everyone's gift. I also wrote personal notes to each teacher which is probably what they like most of all.

I know I am a bit late in posting as some kids have been out of school for a couple weeks. I thought maybe you'd like to file this one away for next year.


Bringing Pretty Back said...

wow! you go all out with your teacher gifts! They are all so lucky!I bet they are all so happy they have your child in their class! The nails in the photo, heee! I will be doing a post on manicures and pedicures soon. That cracked me up.Have a pretty day,

Jen said...

I love how you made goodie bags for the nurse, etc... not just the teachers. I'm sure they get left out a lot!
Love the water bottle idea. Anything with chocolate! Very sweet!

Kerri said...

Ok...sorry...but the only thing I got out of your entire post was envy for your bicycle stamp! Think they still sell them?! So CUTE!