Wednesday, June 16, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

Life is about balance.

Everything in small doses.

Little bits add up to a lot.

As summer begins here, I find myself saying those things to myself with regard to just about everything. I want to take the kids swimming every day. I want to go get ice cream every night. I want to go to the park every afternoon. I want to do it all! Seriously, I want to cram in all the fun while I can before it is back to school time. Just knowing we only have a limited amount of days about sends me into a frenzy.

I had high hopes of getting up every day early and working out before the kids get up (like I do when they are in school) but just like the pool wears them out, it does me too. I cannot get myself out of bed. Maybe it is entertaining three kids all by myself all day that is wearing me out. So I have resorted to exercise DVDs in the morning and late night walks when I miss my early morning workouts. Have you ever noticed how many times Mari Winsor says "buttocks" in her pilates DVDs? I hadn't either until I did it with the kids.

Just in case you were wondering, there is no way to teach your kids not to pick up your dumbbells, they will do it every time, they only way they learn is to drop one on their foot, just ask Parker, he is well versed in this practice. So my hopes of being a wonder body for this summer are being squished as I enjoy fun activities with the kids and squeezing in workouts where I can. I am enjoying this fun but I do miss my daily runners high.

I am making sure to do some sort of physical activity every day. I am continuing to monitor my weight and watching my "Points" for Weight Watchers, I will also be attending meetings so I am sticking to my plan for the most part. It's just all that darn summer fun calling my name!

Some things we are indulging in periodically:

sidewalk chalk, thank goodness for our massive driveway
popcorn (well I don't let Tanner eat it anymore since there was this bad article in the paper that said tons of kids are dying from choking on popcorn!)
naps, well only Tanner and Max do that, but I can pretend
bike riding, the kids ride I chase them up and down the street begging them to "slow down" and "be careful" and "watch out!"
ice cream (for the kids- darn lactose issue for me)
watching tv when it is too hot or stormy to play outside
eating way bad for us cereal, just because it is summer and we love it (I don't, this is strictly for kids- have you tried Fruit Loops as an adult, wow! they are sweet)
How have your summer fun plans changed your usual routine? Just something to think about.

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