Friday, June 18, 2010

still for sale

Our home is still for sale

Selling a house stinks so much, it is making me such a grumpy person. I don't think prior to trying to sell our house I would have never been described as grumpy, well maybe not never never, but almost never. Now I am grouchy all the time, well, a lot.

Reasons why I think selling a house is torture:
  • all Realtors that we have dealt with are awful (sorry for you or your relatives who are Realtors, our experiences have been complete disasters with these "professional" people)
  • people think you are desperate to sell or you are about to be foreclosed on so they offer you ridiculously low bids
  • no one wants to put any work into a home, they want it to be completely turn key ready to their decorating standards
  • people are mean, they say mean stuff about your personal things, not thinking this is not just a house, but your home
  • showing scheduling is never at a good time and they never give enough notice
  • keeping your house neat and tidy all the time is not normal, not possible and downright wrong, we still LIVE HERE!
  • no one else can sell their home so they can't try to buy your home and so many people are afraid they are going to lose their jobs that they won't take risks in housing
  • despite what the media says, the housing market is NOT picking up, I have been doing this for a year and it is as slow as ever
  • price sells a home, people want a big box with little regard for the upgrades or updates you may have, so they will, again, offer you a ridiculous amount to purchase
  • right now our house is priced $61,000 less than what we paid, we will be losing all our equity if we sell at this price and we will essentially be starting from scratch at our next house, we won't have a big down payment and we wouldn't even count as first time home buyers even though our situation is very similar to that
  • did I say, Realtors suck!
  • I hate not having pictures of my kids all around, it makes me cry to know I have have all these wonderful pictures of Tanner (and Z & P) but I haven't been able to look at his cute baby chub since he has been born basically, you know how you marvel at their cute 3 month old chubby cheeks as they get older? because my house has to be "depersonalized", whatever!
  • no I do not have granite countertops, no I am not going to buy them so don't tell me you won't buy my house because of that!!! screw you
  • I get sick of trying to find things to do with the kids for hours at a time while people come through the house, I love doing things with them but I want to do it on my time, when I want and not have my dog with me. No offense Max.
  • I don't like feeling like a renter, in my own home, can't do any projects, can't make it personal, don't feel like I am "home" because we are always waiting for that one buyer. I feel very unmotivated to do anything home-y.
  • By the way, please don't tell me it only takes one buyer to buy your home, I am not an idiot, I am just sick of this nonsense.
  • Because all Realtors stink, we have our house for sale by owner, like I need more work to do!
  • I feel bad for my kids, I think they are feeling a little of the same displaced feelings I am. Grr.
  • "the government" doesn't seem to be doing a lot to help those of us who did the right thing and invested in a home, paid our bills on time, and are being penalized by those who didn't do the right thing, makes me so mad
  • I want to hang up some pictures of my kids!!!
  • I hate Realtors.

OK, sorry for that tirade. We have a showing today and honestly I hate it. I really want to not care but I do. I want this to be over. I want to move on literally and figuratively. I am through with this situation. **sigh**

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Murillo Family said...

I agree with you an almost all of your points. Hang in there! If you decide you want a realtor again we are using a lady at Star One her name is Nancy and she is really trying hard. We have to have a realtor since we don't live there.