Thursday, June 24, 2010

from trash to fab

I think I am addicted...

Here is another altered gift idea. Sorry if you are bored of these.
This one is a Weight Watchers cheese container, duh, you can see that right? I promise I am not trying to be insulting, I just get excited to share my crafty-ness. (I think the Laughing Cow kind are the same) I made this one because I was on my way to put it in the recycling bin (it is made of cardboard) and I got a phone call. Somewhere between answering the phone and the garage, I got a wild hair to try this.
I think I saw some really crafty girls do this before, maybe on a blog or something, so I cannot take total credit, nor can I site the original artist. I used some leftover paper from a recent scrapbooking class I took with my buddy, Kristin (shout out KP!), basically because it was on my desk, not put away yet. ;) I cut some circles, one for the top and bottom, one for the inside, added a flower and brad and a word sticker and voila! Impressive huh? I also added teeny strips of patterned paper to the edges but you can't see those. I plan to use it for a gift card, with small candy inside. For now it is getting filed away until I need to use it.

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