Friday, June 4, 2010

Watchin' my weight Wednesday

Oops, I didn't get to post yesterday, and it isn't Wednesday, sorry. It was Zoe's first day home for the summer and we were busy bees.

Watchin' my Weight
So it is berry season and I am buying up all the organic berries I can get my hands on. All the kids love them. Tanner would eat blueberries until he was literally blue, so cute. I put some on Paul's oatmeal every morning, aren't I such the best wifey? And they are one of the best "perfect" foods you can eat, full of yumminess so good for you. A cup of berries isn't the same as a cup of M&M's but I am learning to love them just the same.

I mean what I say, I am literally buying them buy the boatload. Last night I went to the grocery and came home with about nine pints of different berries, late at night Kroger only has a few organic things out, what Kroger can't late night shoppers eat healthy (say this in your best Snookie, Jersey Shore voice please)?! Anyway, I wholeheartedly know we won't eat all of these before they get all mushy and gross but I have learned the fine art of freezing berries. I know, duh Jenny, how hard can it be? Seriously, people until about a year ago, I think I lived on M&M's and nachos, trying to eat whole, real foods is a learning process.

So right before the berries get all soft and gooey, wash them, dry them, or if you are like me, leave them on the counter while you play with the kids to dry. Once they are dry, lay them on wax paper on a cookie sheet and freeze them. Don't let them touch each other or they will freeze together. Now once they are frozen put them in a big ziplock bag and you will have berries for muffins, smoothies (our favorite), cakes, pies, etc. Love this!

Moving Q/A
A couple of my new blogging buddies have asked why we are moving so I thought I'd share that so if you already know feel free to move on, have a great day!

A year ago, my husband got his dream job at one of the best school districts in Ohio. He is the high school principal and he hopes to move up to superintendent someday. The small community has schools that are like private schools but they are public, education is highly valued and everyone supports the schools. And the bonus, the neighborhood/town is an absolute dream come true. It is a walking community. No school buses. All the kids walk to school. Every house looks like something from "The Truman Show." It is like Mayberry came to life there. The people say it is like living under a dome, it is like stepping back in time. People are out all over the place, it is gorgeous everywhere you look, perfect landscaping from the million dollar homes to the teeny postage stamp ones, happy people walking dogs, roller skating on the sidewalk, block parties in the summer, gourmet shops in the little "downtown", perfection.

THAT's the kind of place I want to live, THAT's where I want my kids to go to school, THAT's what all of us envision (I am guessing) when we talk about the house with the picket fence. Now the problem is, this town is 45 minutes from where we live now. My husband has to commute now because of the stinking housing market sucks (don't get me started). 45 minutes isn't a long commute one way, it's doable, but he is a high school principal. Those guys (and gals) have so many events, not just football games. There's concerts, debate team stuff, plays, art events, all sporting events, club events, fundraisers, board meetings, community things he has to go to, tons, literally, tons of stuff he is expected to attend. So he is gone a lot, poor guy, leaves at 6something AM, sometimes comes home at 11ish PM. THAT's why we want to move. We miss our big papa and who wouldn't want to live in small town bliss. (Ok, I know appearances are deceiving, and like anyplace, our future hometown will have issues. We sincerely believe this is the place we want to raise our kids, we'll deal with the drama later I guess.)

That's why we want to move. I do love my home now, it is massive and beautiful and we'll never have a house like this again. But really dealing with my husband's work struggles and successes have taught me that your house is not your home. Home is where your family is.

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Kerri said...

Oh my, 45 minutes is too far to drive when you have a family and need to be at all those events. I know the market is slow...but I think summer is the time people are looking to move, before school starts. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!