Sunday, June 13, 2010

makin' dreams come true

Parker has wanted a desk forever, I think since Zoe got a hand-me-down one from the in-laws downsizing. I found this set at a junk store in our down town. Funny thing about the store, they always have "stuff" sitting outside and as I drive by I have almost wrecked several times trying to see it. I finally went in one day and I was so glad I did. I think this is actually a sofa table or foyer table but it is small enough for a little boy's desk. And it has a drawer for his treasures.
I wanted to keep the chair this green color but Zoe told me and Parker it looked like vomit so he wouldn't let me. I love this chair so much. I love its little turned legs and its charm. Don't you think it has some stories to tell? I kind of have a thing for chairs. Parker wanted his desk to be blue so here it is...
I think the green chair would have been so cute. Maybe when Parker is done with this, he'll let me have it and I can go green again. I love makin' dreams come true. He's been sitting there working like crazy, making drawings and turning the light on and off. He is very proud because he helped me sand and paint it. Total cost for desk and chair: $40! Woo!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

40 dollars and itlooks like a million bucks! wow! I love it!
Love the color you chose.
hahahah! you are so right... what they dont know... heehee!!
Have a pretty day!

Kristin said...

Love it Jenny! It looks wonderful.