Monday, June 28, 2010


beach babe
sandy baby
prefers the pool boy
OK, so these pictures are from last year but you get the idea...

In a day and a half I am supposed to be at the beach. I am so not ready. I have really procrastinated this year, I am hardly packed, hardly organized, hardly mentally ready. I think it is because we are flying this year and I really prefer driving. I like knowing I can cram as much as I want in my van and hit the road. Having to scale things down into a few suitcases is too much for me to comprehend. Actually, it is my family. Seriously. It is. They do not get it. In the past few days, I have been making a list of what we "need" and it is so big I want to tear it up and say "screw it, I am not going." What my family thinks they "need" for a vacation is ridiculous. I keep telling them we are going to the beach!!! We don't need that!!! You will live for nine days without ____!!! They are driving me crazy. Can I just go by myself? Well, I would miss them so much but this whole packing thing is super annoying, way more annoying than I remember it being in the past.

I am so excited to go.

I hope there is no oil in our part of Florida. I hope we have sunny days and we get to see the 4th of July fireworks over the ocean. I hope I get to see some pretty birds. I hope I get to take some good family photos. I hope I get to read a magazine. I hope I get to eat some good sea food. I hope no one gets sunburned. I hope we don't spend all our money too soon. I hope we get to relax. I hope I can get all our stuff crammed into our suitcases (oops, I went there again). I hope the plane rides are uneventful. I hope there are no no-see-um bugs, I really don't like those guys. I hope it is just wonderful.


Sarah said...

Have a great trip! I know that when I make lists sometimes it gives me more anxiety than just doing it-start packing and it will all come together.

Kerri said...

I'm right there w/ you on the whole packing thing! My husband wants to take EVERY piece of clothing he owns...and then will wear the same few shirts the entire trip! After he packs his stuff...(and he's not around) I unpack more than half of it! I'm always the one to take not enough...because everyone else has too much!
Anyway...I could go on and on about that! I hope you have an AWESOME sure deserve a getaway with the whole house stress going on!
Have FUN!