Friday, October 7, 2011

4 together

Here are my kiddos in a picture, all together, not necessarily smiling or looking at the camera like I would prefer. I was glad to finally get them all in one spot long enough to snap it.

Don't they just look so cute? And sweet?
Here is how they really behave most of the time.
Little punks.

Have a great weekend.


Becca said...

What a sweet bunch! Cannot believe how big Asher looks already...and Tanner, too. BIG brother! Your kids are totally adorable...

Kerri said...

What a great picture of all the kids together! Asher is getting so big already! I think its so neat that your kids are all so close in age...what a great bunch!

Have a great weekend!

Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

isn't it impossible to get all your kids in one photo? either someone is missing, asleep or just plain won't participate! Love the photo... your children are beautiful.... even when they're little punks!!

Sarah said...

Wowsser, 4 kiddos. Who would have thunk it :) When I met you it was just little Zoe, that's pretty hard to believe!

Tanner is totally reminding me of Sloan in the silly picture. What a goofball :) And Asher, he's so big. Your going to have to listen to me say that like one million times on your blog comments. It is certain to always be a surprise that grows up ;)

Sarah said...

It is certain to always be a surprise that HE grows up :)

{that's what I meant to say-I hate messing up}