Monday, October 10, 2011

Indian Summer

Zoe reminded me that it was Indian Summer. I kind of forgot about that term for this glorious time of year. I love the warm weather, the colors, the sounds and smells, the activities... all that happy stuff. Now, the upcoming cold weather, I dread, a lot.
I love shorts and jackets weather...
I feel like such a "real" blogger today. I am addressing a few comments from last week and I am getting a sense of what bloggers who actually get paid to write go through. :) Lots of Google-ing, searching for websites you found a long time ago, cutting and pasting, linking, it makes for an interesting blogging day.

Jen asked me to share the slow cooker and dumplings recipe, I stole it from Sarah at Clover Lane. I have made a bunch of her recipes and my family likes them all. I am not a Clover Lane stalker by the way, I just really identify with her. Don't you have a blogger you just "click" with, jeez, I wasn't trying to make a computer joke, but I kind of did.

You can find Jen at:

Kerri asked me to share the tortellini recipe. It is one of my favorites. I swear I could eat the whole pot. No kidding.

You can find Kerri here:

Sarah encouraged me to go out and buy some pants that fit until my booty can squeeze itself back into my old jeans. Well, Sarah, I did. I just happened to be at the Goodwill last week and jeans were on sale for $1.99 (score!) I found some capri jeans and a pair of Levis that I really like. I will actually be sad to get rid of them when I do lose all my weight, they definitely help with the mom muffin top. Anyway, you were right. Pants with an actual waistband make you feel like a real person not a goobly blob in elastic and lightly spandexed pants.

You can find Sarah here:

my things to do this week:
Mostly I am going to be getting ready for Parker's birthday party this weekend. I would like to say I am going to be doing more, but I am really finding I do not have a lot of free time and the time I have goes so quick, I am thinking a light "to do" list this week will be beneficial. I do hope to get out some fall decorations if I have some "extra" time. I would also like to get some pictures framed and displayed and I have another big iron pile (I think I am going to add "hire an ironer-person to my list of things I will spend money on when I win the lottery.) My light list is growing already...

my menus for this week:
Sadly, I do not have anything enticing planned. Big tall hubby just told me late last night he has events all week he has to stay late for, so the kids and I will be kind of going with the flow as far as meals go. I think we'll be eating lots of leftovers, fruits and veggies, mac and cheese and spaghetti. BTH had to stay late a bunch last week too and so I have some things to use up from my previous menus. Hopefully, next week I'll have a more inspiring list to share.

Have a great week everyone.

One last note, I am currently in "hold the baby and type with one hand" mode so if you see a bunch of typos here or on comments, please forgive me! :)


Together We Save said...

The weather there looks wonderful!!

Kristin said...

I love Indian Summer too! People here keep scaring me telling me it's possible we'll have snow by Halloween! Eeek.

Jill said...

Loving this weather too! And I'm with you I am not looking forward to the cold... Hope you have a great week!


Kerri said...

Thanks for the recipe Jenny!! I'm going to head over there and copy it down...and put it on next weeks menu!
Love your live on such a beautiful street. Our leaves are just starting to change...and yesterday we were 81 degrees...I love indian summer!