Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It really isn't necessary

Homework. Every. Single. Night. Really? For elementary aged children? I keep Parker's homework folder by my sink so I see it every day. He is supposed to do some every night. If I don't see it, I forget it. It just glares at me every day. All day. Like a big red eye, giving me dirty looks. Curse you kindergarten homework!Thank goodness Zoe is self-motivated or I'd be forgetting hers too. I do have her trained to come in and do it immediately after school or else I swear, we'd be trying to do it at 8:15 AM before the bus came. I am currently training Parker as well, but he does need a little bike riding, trampolining, or scooter riding before he gets started, he has to let off some steam. I am just whipped by 4:00 when they get home and I am trying to do dinner, keep the babies occupied, all that fun stuff. All of us know that from 4:00 until bedtime are the witching hours, when we moms turn into witches, just kidding.

Really. Teachers, let's give these poor kids a break. Do they really need to do another worksheet, another cut and paste ("where'd you guys put all the glue sticks!?"), another something goofy?

I used to be a teacher, I'm not saying all homework is bad, but really, every night!? Poor Zoe even has it on Fridays. Give me a break! I love a good book report or science inquiry project but mindless worksheets tick me off.

I think our kids have too much sit down time at school as it is, I want them to run around and scream* and jump and play and BE KIDS when they get home, not sit down some more!

OK, I'll get down off my soap box. Just letting off a little steam...

*outside of course! ;)


Kristin said...

I agree! I understand that practice makes perfect but do they really need SO much practice?

Jill said...

I agree! Hayley's in 5th grade and it's every night and weekends! Ugh. Even Kindergarten for Kathleen. When can they just be kids??