Thursday, October 13, 2011

6 **sniff**

How did this guy get to be six years old already?! Jeez. It is killing me. Am I the only mom who thinks of her kids at certain stages? I always think of Parker as a roll- polly baby with tons of hair and refused to be put down, ever. I know, it makes no sense, I see him every day doing normal kid things but when I am in bed at night thinking of my kids, he is forever a butterball baby. I completely want my kids to grow up into outstanding adults but honestly birthdays make me sad. I love them little and cute and chubby and snuggly. Hence the "sighing."

Parker is amazing at six because....

he is a gifted athlete, really, I'm not just saying that because I am his mom.

he is sensitive and caring.

he is smart and curious.

he is helpful and a hard worker.

he is a peacemaker and a negotiator.

he is funny and insightful.

I love him, a lot.

**sigh, sniff**
I always take some pictures of the kids on the stairs for their birthdays. Not sure why I started it, but I do.
Parker wanted to do some more "cooler" poses. I think he looks like a teenager here. Yikes!
Studly, his idea, totally.
Not sure where he picked up "hang loose". Max, always lingering around, hoping for a tidbit to fall...
Because he loves Halloween, he wanted to pose here. His idea, again.
Not to be outdone by his big brother...Tanner's idea this time.
Not quite as studly as big brother, yet! (Chicken noodle soup on his shirt, that is studly!)

I had a heck of a time trying to decide what treats to make for Parker's class. His class has a peanut allergy concern so I was totally stressed about it. I decided to make witch/Frankenstein finger cookies. They are neon green but they look yellow here. Parker said, "ewwww" when he saw them. I think he likes them but not sure if he'll eat them.
And to add to his creepy theme (the boy loves all things creepy, it is borderline obsessive) I made these Hershey mummies. I found that the regular Hershey bars are made on their own line exclusively so they are ok for nut allergies. The other sizes, King and minis, may contain nut traces. Hmm, this whole allergy thing is interesting. Anyway, I literally finished these at 2AM last night, I think I could have done better but at least they are done. I know the kids will eat these!
A close up shot.
I was sent this idea from Pinterest from my cousin, so I stole it from her. I have yet to log on to the site because from what I hear it is more addictive than crack. I am resisting as long as possible!
Parker is set to have a skating party this weekend, complete with his graveyard cake. He is really trying to challenge my cake making skills. Of course I'll do it because I love him, a lot.
**sniff, sigh**


Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

i cry... every birthday... for each of my 3 kids. i hate to see them grow up. coop will be 6 next month too. sniffle. happy birthday to your darling boy :)

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Parker!

He's growing up so fast and looking SO big!

Jill said...

So sweet! I love the pictures! My Kathleen will be 6 in November, flying by so fast! I haven't tried pinterest yet.... Not sure I need another site to get addicted to! LOL Love the Hershey Bar idea! Too cute!

Have a great night!


Kerri said...

Happy Birthday Parker! Looks like the was enjoying his photo shoot! I know what you mean about thinking your kids are my mind Brady is 5 yrs younger...he stopped growing at age 3. :)

LOVE your cookies and hershey CUTE!!!!!!!!!

Becca said...

Happy Birthday Parker! Too cute with the picture poses...he's very studly :)!

Pinterest is really only bad for a couple of weeke, then you ween's fun, for sure!

Happy Friday...

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I've been having fun reading over your blog today. Those poses were cracking me up. Gotta love kids! My daughter just turned 6 this month too.

And the mummy Hershey bars are awesome. :)