Tuesday, October 25, 2011

proud to share

I am proud to share* these little gems. They are Reusies. I love them! They are reusable bags for snacks/lunches. I had my eye on them for about a year but I wouldn't buy them because they were about $9 a bag. I know, crazy expensive. One morning before school started in August, I was watching Good Morning America (don't you just love that show?!) and they had a deal, if you bought the bags that day, you got them for 50% off using a special code word. OK, I ran to the computer, not kidding, and ordered two bags for everyone who packs a lunch (or will- I had to get some for the babies too!). That basically means, the kids and big tall hubby. Why didn't I get any for myself? I don't know, I like to take a good snack sometimes too! Temporary brain lapse I guess. Anyway, they had tons of orders that day and it took a long time to get them but it was worth the wait. It is so nice to put the kids' snacks in there for school. I feel so good not using plastic baggies for every item in their lunches. I still use some because I do have to wash the Reusies but I know I am making my carbon footprint a teeny bit smaller by not using so many Ziplocks, and I do love my Ziplocks! I bought the larger size to accommodate sandwiches too. You can find them here.

*(I was not asked to recommend these by Reusies, I just really liked them and wanted to share.)


Kristin said...

I've had making some on my list for a while now but haven't gotten to it yet. are they good for storing food to or just lunches? (Like if we took snacks on a trip would they be stale the next day?)

Bring Pretty Back said...

How cute are those! Isn't that how it goes!!! us mommas always buy for everyone else and forget about ourselves! I love my ziplocks too! But , yes ... these are better for the carbon footprint!
have a pretty day!