Thursday, October 6, 2011

wish I had more time

I am so wishing I had more time to do crafts and stuff. Jeez, where the heck does my time go? I have been trying to stay on task lately and it just seems like I am barely getting anything done. Oh well, I guess taking care of my family is probably a whole lot more important than trying to copy all the cool projects I have been seeing on everyone's blogs lately. Does anyone feel the same? I mean, everyone has got it goin' on, fall lovelies are everywhere! I swear I have to make myself get up from the computer or else my eyes are going to pop. Seriously, you girls have got to stop being so crafty!

Like this one...

Zoe and I saw this at the grocery actually. It is a bouquet of candy bars. HELLO! Love it. I think it could be pretty easy actually, if you had the right tools, but I will probably never make one of these. But my intentions are good. Zoe said she wants one for her birthday. Funny girl.

I am so glad I could share something that some of you have never seen. Yesterday, a couple people said they hadn't seen these handy bag closers. I got my first set from a Pampered Chef party years ago (like 15 or so!) and I have found additional ones at my grocery in the tools aisle, you know where the soup ladles and stuff are located... mine are labeled "Chip clip" I guess that is a brand name. Hmm, didn't know that.


Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

i'm not very good at crafting myself! i love everything i see, but never have the time. darn! all i've done for the fall is put a fall wreath on the front door. i try... sorta.

Beloved's Bride said...

I made a candy bar bouquet for Valentine Day. I never got a picture of it though. It was taken a part before I could. I thought it was cute. Everyone else thought it was dorky! I made it just like the grocery stores too. The appreciation for the candy would have gone over just as well if I had just handed it over. ;)