Monday, October 3, 2011


About a week ago, Parker lost his first tooth! Surprise! He didn't even know it was loose and when it came out we all were shocked. He was roller skating and all the sudden I heard him screaming and crying, blood gushing from his mouth. Now you all know, this is my kid who has had stitches six times so a bloody mouth immediately conjured up thoughts of the ER. He skated towards me with his hand holding his tooth and I was thinking, "huh, wha?" He was skating, not falling! Apparently, he put his sleeve in his mouth (I don't know, don't ask me!) and when he took it out, his tooth came with it. Yikes, never a dull moment at my house. Anyway, we were super happy for him and he was so proud to go to school and show everyone how he can drink with a straw through is teeth hole. Now there is a talent that makes a mother proud.

my things to do this week:
  • plan Parker's birthday party
  • order his birthday presents
  • call and make a couple doctor appointments
  • take a load to Half Priced Books to sell (this is part of cleaning up my closet)
  • repair two holes in the wall of our study (don't ask, I don't know!)
  • begin deep cleaning my family room (this one will take two weeks probably, I have a big family room with lots to woodworking details to tackle)

my menus for this week:
  • Sicilian tuna with capers and rice and salad
  • pasta with spinach and tomatoes (held over from last week)
  • slow cooker chicken and dumplings with peas
  • tortellini with prosciutto and peas and roasted broccoli
  • tacos and taco salads
  • fish sandwiches and oven fries


Karen said...

I don't know if you can use post titles like 'surprise!'. I was all prepared to come over here and read that you were expecting again. I know. I know. You're still very much in postpartum mode, but it's what I was thinking....

Anyway, congratulations Parker on the loss of your first tooth!

Kerri said...

Missing teeth make the cutest pictures...and Parker looks super cute!

Tortellini and prosciutto? I'd like to hear about that one!

Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

your menus make me so jealous! sometimes i'm a cereal for dinner kinda girl :)

parker looks adorable sans tooth :)

Sarah said...

How have I missed all these posts!? First of all, I really do think it takes all of 9 months to get your body back. I don't remember it taking that long with #1, but every one after that seemed like forever. Go buy jeans that fit. I know, I know, but it make you feel better to be in "normal" clothes. Then when they are falling off your body you can have a mini-celebration and get back to your favorites :) One time someone asked me how I lost baby weight and I told them I starved myself. They laughed and I wasn't completely joking. It will happen :)

Any hoo, congrats to Parker. He is getting so big, and not to mention HANDSOME!

Sarah said...

Hi! I'm back. I am NOT an advocate for starving yourself...I just had to come back and say that... I was joking. I don't want to offend anyone-especially you! I just know how you feel. When you have lost the weight you always wanted to, having any amount on makes you nervous{even if it's for a perfectly wonderful reason} and then not to have your excercise routine down with a new baby is tough. I just wanted to tell you I understand. Ok, just had to come back and clear that up. Love you Jenny!

Beloved's Bride said...

We had two children to lose teeth this week. There was a slight bit of drama that went a long with them coming out as well. Giggle! And, my kiddos are funny they would rather keep the tooth than have the money under the pillow.

I adore missing teeth pictures! They always come out so cute.