Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Saw this license plate the other day and I was just cracking up...

Waaaay back when, my aunt was teaching in a very diverse school. She would tell us all stories about her daily adventures in first grade. I remember one story that she told us about some boys insulting each other on the playground. Of course she intervened and the story the boys told her still to this day cracks me up. (This was about the time that Different Strokes was popular on tv, if that gives you a good time reference...) One little boy was crying so she asked him what was wrong. He said, "that boy talked mean to me." She asked him what the other boy said, "he said, 'your mama'." And then the other boy told her this: "well, he said, 'your mama, and all her relatives'!" She said keeping a straight face was almost impossible. We never quite got how that was so insulting but to a first grader in the early 1980's it was devastating! Don't you wish this was the kind of insulting we had to worry about today? The things we see and hear on tv that influence our kids are downright scary. "Yo mama" seems so tame, obviously, someone thought it was ok to put on their license plate!

Just a side note... my dream car is a vintage Corvette, has been for my entire life. I hope that when I get it, the license plate will read "Jens Vette," ahh, someday.

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Jen said...

Haha! I so remember the Yo Moma years! My father in law has your dream car in his garage. It is sweet!
And I need your slow cooker chicken and dumplins recipe!