Friday, October 28, 2011

When the heck is the Great Pumpkin on TV?!

Seriously, has anyone seen advertisements for it?! Just wondering...

I cannot believe it is time for Halloween already. I am in denial that it is still not summer. I just read a blog post about their first snow of the season. Arck! I would be screaming like a maniac if it snowed here. You would all be able to hear me, no matter where you live.

We are super busy this weekend so I am sharing a few pics to help you get in the trick or treat mode. Nothing too scary. I much prefer cute cartoon ghosts (i.e. Casper) instead of gory goo guys (i.e. Freddy Kruger).

Parker's birthday graveyard cake. I can't believe I haven't shared a picture yet. I kind of did my own thing- combining a few ideas I stole from various websites and magazines. I didn't put "Happy Birthday Parker" anywhere on the cake. It just felt wrong. I mean, where the heck do you write it? On one of the cookie tombstones? Just not right. Regardless, he loved his cake so much he didn't want to cut it or share it. Funny. Just a note: I used the same decorating tip to make the grass that I used on Tanner's Elmo cake (the red fur, can you picture it?). And Kerri, those are Kit Kats I used to make a "fence", stole that from your Kit Kat cake. :) The candles spelled "happy birthday" and they went in that big grassy area, my own little grassy knoll. I think you could easily make one of these for a Halloween party.
Here is my sweetie wearing the same ghost shirt that all my kids wore. Don't you just love legacy clothes? I think this one is going in my keep box, it is in perfect condition. The brand is Janie and Jack, an expensive thing only Grandmas buy, out of my budget, but cute nonetheless. Maybe a grandchild will wear it someday... (do you see his dimples!? Love them.)
Lastly, fang you, fang you very much!
(please read using your best Elvis voice, told ya I loved him!)


Kerri said...

Can you hear ME screaming Jenny?? It is snowing here this morning! It said in the newspaper that there hasn't been snow here this early since 1972. We could get 8-12 inches. I don't ever remember having snow for trick or treat! I have a feeling it's going to be a LONG winter!

LOVE Parker's cake!! What boy wouldn't love it?! My favorite is the piles of dirt with the bones sticking out! Great job on that...I'm thinking we might try that for next year...Brady might actually enjoying helping with that one!

Becca said...

Happy Birthday Parker! Love little Asher's sweet little, shy smile. The cake is adorable...good work!

I've been reading ya... sorry I haven't been the world's best commenter. I should be ashamed since comments are my favorite thing :)!...

Happy Halloween! {do you trick-or-treat tonight?}