Tuesday, October 11, 2011

maybe this is why

Could this be the reason my old jeans won't go up over my thighs?
Probably not, you know everything in moderation. Well after more consideration, maybe it is.
I think, the second helping of chocolate chips might be doing the damage.
I even put my chocolate chips in these cute containers that take some effort to open. I was hoping the effort would not make the treats worth it. I almost have to put the baby down to open all four flaps on the container. So far, this is not a deterrent.

Darn you 2:00 peanut butter and chocolate cravings!!!


Kerri said...

Now I want some chocolate and peanut butter!! Yum! I get cravings everyday between 2 and 3 and I hate that! Lately I've been trying to just stay busy so I don't think about it! This time of year is the hardest! You'll have to check out this recipe I saw earlier today on Val's blog.


Also, I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for the package in yesterday's mail!! You are so thoughtful! I couldn't believe it! I didn't get the mail until it was dark out...so I hid the guys and will wait and show Brady after school today. Thank you so much for that! You are so kind!

Becca said...

MMMM...looks good! Mix up a little trail mix with raw almonds, raisins m&m's, pretzles...you still get that little sweet but with the nuts I consider it pretty healthy. {I'm munching on some right now, actually!}

Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

yummy. there is something about chocolate paired with peanut butter! right now my family is addicted to peanut butter m & ms. yum!

Kristin said...

yummy. If I want a treat I spread a graham cracker with peanut butter then sprinkle on mini chocolate chips. YUMMY!

Susan R said...

Okay, this is hysterical because you know EVERYONE has tried the scoop of peanut butter with the chocolate chips (second helping) on it before. I also put my chocolate chips in a sealed container underneath another container, but that hasn't stopped me from getting into them. Maybe a combination lock added would be more of a hassle.
Found your blog through Kerri's blog.