Thursday, October 16, 2008

fall fun

It's fall around here and let me just tell you the leaves are changing and it's a little cooler but that's not all mother nature has in store for us...
It's also bug season. Every fall we get invaded by giant bugs of all kinds. Now these pictures of the praying mantis on our patio do not do him justice. This guy was as big as my foot! I am not exaggerating! He was a beast. If I had been smart I would have placed a ruler next to him, that is if I could stand to get close enough. We have giant mosquitoes that pop up when you walk through the grass. Stink bugs are all over our window screens. And do not get me started on the gi-normous spiders building webs all over. Now the only time I get a little creeped out by these guys is when I find one in the house. Me inside, bugs outside. As long as everyone abides by these rules, no one gets hurt. I utilize heavy artillery if necessary, spray, brooms, my husband's shoes, paper towels and the vacuum, always accompanied by my loud squeals and "eeewwws!" The fun never ends around here.

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