Wednesday, October 15, 2008

things I hold dear

OK so lately I have been a purging maniac. Maybe I am still "nesting" but really I purge a lot. I make lots of trips to Goodwill and the veterans pick up boxes of stuff every month from our front porch (love that service!) but it seems like I have really kicked into high gear as of late.
I don't mind at all getting rid of old clothes (although I do still have a pair of pink jeans I wore at my skinniest- maybe someday, ha ha) or jewelry. I regularly recycle magazines and books by taking them to the resale shop. I secretly get rid of the kids stuff they no longer use/play with, they would be so mad if they knew! When I get new shoes I take an old pair out of circulation and either donate them or trash them (as is the case for my running shoes usually). So I am not a stranger to cleaning out closets and drawers and under beds, the garage, the basement, and other junk hiding places. But there are just some things I cannot seem to part with no matter how many times I think I should, no matter how much sense it makes to dispose of them or pass them on, here they are...

my Longaberger baskets, only a few are not actively used for something, I do have a few for "display" only, this one holds scrapbooking projects my Barbie collection, well this is Zoe's but I gave her my old ones (including clothes and furniture) and I kept some in boxes (Elvis, Frank Sinatra and the Wizard of Oz ones)
my CDs, all 450 or so of them
my collection of "little things" mostly from vacations, true trinkets with no use
There you have it, some of my vices, things I must have, maybe someday I can part with them but for now, they are staying with me.

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